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From curb to chimney cap and anything in between, Total Home is your only call. Our experience and knowledge of homes and the contractor base in our area, allows us to bring dependable and trustworthy solutions from the smallest of home issues to the most expansive remodeling you may be dreaming about. We manage the routine while being on call for the unexpected emergencies that occur from time to time. Beginning with a full inspection of your home we partner with you in the ongoing maintenance of your home, freeing you for the more important uses of your time while giving you peace of mind about your home’s condition and care.

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We serve The Woodlands and surrounding communities

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Please call for a free consultation and explanation of the costs of this unique service for the care of your home. 

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This unique service brings you peace of mind, a well cared for home and new found time for you to enjoy your home, family, social spiritual and cultural events. Not to mention we believe we really do save you money on the care of your home.